Law Office of Steven J. Ipsen

As co-author of Marsy's Law, passed by the California voters in 2008, I am committed to ensuring victims receive their constitutional rights under California law.  I legally represent crime victims in many ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Meeting with the prosecuting agency in discussing the victim’s position prior to criminal charges being filed;
  • Notifying victims prior to every court proceeding and appearing in court with them;
  • Addressing the judge to present an argument on behalf of the victims regarding the amount of bail which would be most appropriate;
  • Objecting to any delays in the proceedings, including the defendant’s request to continue the trial;
  • Presenting a victim-impact statement along with the victim which the judge is mandated to consider prior to sentencing;
  • Insuring that the victim’s voice is heard by the judge, the DA and the defense attorney in the event that “plea bargaining” is occurring;
  • Attending and arguing against parole release at an Inmate’s parole hearing.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to understand your Constitutional Rights as a crime victim. I have assisted numerous crime victims in their pursuit of justice and I am here to help you, too.


Law Office of Steven J. Ipsen

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